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Little Hill Primary School

Little Hill Primary School

Little Hill Primary School

Visting Little Hill

General Information for Visitors

Upon arrival at Little Hill Primary School, you must report to the Office which is located at the main entrance Reception.
You will then need to “Sign In” and be given a lanyard before you will be given access to the school.

Information for Disabled Visitors

Little Hill Primary School is accessible to all visitors.

The main entrance is accessed from Launceston Road. All entrances and rooms within the school are accessible thanks to the limited use of steps and ramps around the school.

Parking Information

Little Hill Primary School is surrounded by many residential streets.
Visitors are able to park along these streets and then walk to the school, but please be mindful to park safely and show respect for the residents when parking.
Please do not park on the double yellow lines outside the school or in front of the gates.
Could we also remind that the school car park is for staff parking and deliveries only. It is not to be used for picking up or dropping off.

Location of Little Hill Primary School