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Little Hill Primary School

Little Hill Primary School

Little Hill Primary School

School Uniform

School Uniform

Children will wear the correct items and colours of clothing stated below.

  • White shirt / blouse / polo* or red polo shirt* / red and white gingham dress
  • Grey shorts / trousers / skirt / pinafore (grey or black tights are optional)
  • Bright red sweatshirt* / cardigan* / jumper / school fleece*
  • Sensible flat black shoes or trainers (no coloured logo – must be fully black).  Black ankle boots are acceptable during the winter months.


 PE Uniform

  • Children will wear a PE uniform on their PE days. 
  • Indoor kit: black shorts, plain black t-shirt* and black trainers (or plimsolls).
  • Outdoor kit: plain black jogging/tracksuit bottoms, a plain black t-shirt*, plain black jumper and black trainers.


Named Clothing
Each child should have a bag to keep his/her kit in. Every item of clothing, footwear or other property must be marked with the child’s name - either with sewn labels or indelible marker pen. This is most important and parents should make every effort to ensure that their children’s clothing can be readily identified.


We strongly advise that jewellery should not be worn to school for health and safety reasons. If you choose for your child to wear earrings, only stud earrings are allowed. If your child needs to wear any medical or religious jewellery, then an appointment needs to be made to speak with us.

We strongly advise that all watches and earrings should be removed for physical activities (for example, PE and swimming lessons). Your child will be advised to put surgical tape over the piercing themselves or take the jewellery off at this time.


Mohawk hairstyles and hairstyles containing unnatural colours are not allowed at school. Please ensure that your child has an appropriate hairstyle for when they come to school. Shoulder length hair (and longer) must be tied back for safety.


* indicates that this item can be purchased with the school’s logo, along with other items such as PE and book bags, and fleece jackets.

 Uniform, with and without the school logo, may be ordered from:- 

Trinity Schoolwear:

 Or by completing an order form available from the school office. Delivery can be made either to your home or to the school every Thursday.

Red Polo T-Shirt
White Polo T-Shirt
Hat & Cap
Book Bag
PE Bag
Water Bottle

 Non-logo items may also be purchased from a range of other retail outlets.