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Little Hill Primary School

Little Hill Primary School

Little Hill Primary School

School Meals

School Meals

Our School Meals are freshly prepared on site by School Food Support. Each day the children have the opportunity to choose which option they would like. Children that choose the vegetarian option are given a green wristband so that they are given the right option at the hatch. 

If your child has any special dietary needs please do not hesitate to contact us at school. Larissa Broughton the Head Cook will be able to support with these. We encourage the children to try use good table manners and try new foods. Children are rewarded with a red lunchtime token when they do!

We ensure that all children eat a good amount of food at lunchtime. Children put their hands up to ask permission to go onto their pudding. If we feel they need to eat more we encourage and support them to do so.

Your child is entitled to a free meal if they are in the Foundation Stage, Year 1 or Year 2. This is funding that the Government have introduced to schools under the 'Universal Free School Meals' Agenda. 

The price of an individual school dinner works out at £2.55 daily or £12.75 weekly. Parents need to make payments on a Monday for dinners that week, payments can be made online.

The Current School Menu runs on a 3-week rota (from 08.04.24)

Please see the link below for up to date information from LTS Catering Services


Packed Lunch

Children who do not wish to have a cooked meal can bring a packed lunch to school. Please remember when packing your child's lunch that we are a nut free school. That means that your child can not bring any nuts or nut products in their lunch e.g. peanut butter, snickers. Only soft drinks and juices can be brought to drink at lunchtime. No fizzy drinks or cans.

Healthy snack

Children are encouraged to bring a healthy snack for breaktime. This could be  a piece of  fruit, yoghurt or even half a sandwich (No crisps or chocolate).