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Little Hill Primary School

Little Hill Primary School

Little Hill Primary School

Parents Questionnaire Results

Please click on the link below to see teh visual graph results to view the most resent results.

Thank you to all parents and carers who have completed previous questionnaires. We value the time taken by them to share their views on a range of issues and have used this feedback to improve our policies and procedures.

Parents Questionnaire 2018/19 - Results

We had 104 responses. We are pleased to say that there has been a very positive response. We work hard to ensure that we provide the best provision for all of our children and families and it is only possible with your support.  Your suggestions and comments are greatly valued and they inform future improvements to our school.  We continuously strive to better and improve the education of our pupils; your input in that for us is vital and so thank you for completing the questionnaire.

I have outlined some of the comments that were made on the questionnaires below.  It is very difficult to respond to all of them, however, they have all been noted, thought about and acted on if possible.

Many of you commented on what you felt we do really well as a school.  I have put a list together below of the comments that were reflected in many responses.

  1. Your children have a safe and happy environment in which to learn and enjoy all aspects of school life.  You are pleased that class teachers are visible and available each day to deal with any concerns.
  2. Your children are happy, safe and love coming to school to learn.
  3. You feel that all staff are caring, approachable and helpful. 
  4. Good, varied lunchtime and you like the new flexible dinner arrangements.
  5. You feel that our communication is good, regarding what is happening in school and are pleased with the new texting service and Twitter.
  6. Our website is easy to use and navigate.  It is very informative and easy to use. You feel that the electronic payment app for dinners/trips is helpful.
  7. You feel that the trips, residential events and experiences on offer to the children are excellent.
  8. You like the award systems and enjoy the school assemblies.
  9. You feel that the school deals with concerns promptly and effectively, with an open door policy.  You like that leaders are visible and approachable. You feel that we listen and support both parents and pupils.
  10. You feel that we understand and support the individual needs of our pupils and provide a range of family forums. 
  11.  Year 6 parents feel that the provision, curriculum and support for Year 6 pupils is very good and supports towards their pupils’ SATs.

Some of the areas you feel we need to focus on:

Your suggestions for areas to develop and improve.

What we are doing about it.

Website could be updated more often with events and photographs.

Thank you for your comments on this and this is something we will do at the start of the new academic year.

Curriculum to be on the website.

Our curriculum is on currently on the website and shows all the context for learning themes each term for each year group. It can be found in the curriculum section in the year group pages.

Timing of events and notice

Dates are given out at the start of the year and then on the termly newsletter. Every effort is made to give plenty of notice for events however on occasions circumstances do change and other provision needs to be made.

Team sporting events offered to the school have been short notice but we have still wanted to offer those opportunities with the pupils.  We will speak to the organisers and ask them to give as much notice as possible.

Sports day – how it is organised and ran – various opinions.

Your comments have been taken on board and we are trialling a new system this year.

Comments about homework varied from not having enough to having too much.

We reviewed our homework policy with you back in 2017 and from that introduced a new homework format across the school.  This is in its 2nd year and will be reviewed again in light of research from the Education Endowment Foundation.

Communication – use of the gateway app instead of email.

Different forms of communication will be looked into and reviewed.

Regular progress updates and/or an online learning journal which is updated with test results and areas for improvements.

An information sheet of progress was trialled this year in Year 6 which has been received very positively by Year 6 parents and is something we are looking at giving out to all year groups.

More teachers in class.

Unfortunately, our finances do not allow for us to do this. We also take account of recent educational research. The Education Endowment Foundation states that reduced class sizes and additional adults does not provide the greatest impact for pupils and that other strategies deployed by class teachers will have a greater impact for pupils.   


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