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Little Hill Primary School

Little Hill Primary School

Little Hill Primary School

PE/Healthy Schools



As a school all teaching staff plan and deliver a broad and balanced PE curriculum for all pupils from the Foundation Stage through to both Key Stage One and Two. In Foundation and Key Stage One the children are taught units of Gymnastics, Games and Dance. In addition to this, this Year they have all taken part in a six week block of Outdoor and Adventurous, delivered by teachers alongside external coaches to develop and enhanced our own teachers CPD.

In Key Stage Two the children are provided with units of Gymnastics, Dance, Games and Swimming. Similar to the rest of the school, they have also had a six week block of Outdoor and Adventurous. In year five they also go on a week-long residential which is very much OAA based.

Whole school timetables show all classes are allocated two, one hour slots within each week. One being an outside slot and the other an indoor. Teachers therefore plan and deliver the statutory two hours of Physical Education required each week. Each one hour slot will be used for a different unit of work. E.g. an indoor slot maybe used for Gymnastics on the Monday, whilst the outdoor slot maybe used for a Games unit on the Wednesday. All pupils are taught the importance of exercise and being healthy.

As a school we provide swimming provision for the whole of Key Stage Two. Year five attend in the autumn term for 13 weeks, then year four in the spring term and then finally year three in the summer term. We travel to a local swimming bath and the swimming is taught by both swimming coaches and members of staff from our school. As a school we have sent relevant members of staff who attend the swimming sessions on relevant courses and they are all now at least National Curriculum level trained or above and can work alongside the level two swimming coaches from the swimming baths to deliver the sessions. We follow the ASA swimming awards and levels and use a tracking grid as a form of assessment for learning. The grids are taken to the pool side and filled in there and then over the course of the sessions to provide accurate and immediate assessment data for each pupil. The children are then presented with certificates and badges in whole school assemblies when they achieve specific levels.

The school really thrive with the creative curriculum and topics are very much theme based. Teachers are linking PE as closely as they can to different themes and topics. Obviously there are certain topics which lend themselves more than others.  Please see the curriculum maps for evidence of examples.


 As a school we are using the Sports Funding to provide CPD to enhance teacher’s confidence and skills in PE.  So far the staff have all received  training in Gymnastics and Outdoor and Adventurous.  Following on from the training the same coaches provide a six week teaching block where they deliver the unit of work to all children in the school over the year alongside the class teacher, to ensure that the teachers are having opportunities to be part of the teaching of that particular unit and feel more confident when teaching it independently the following year. 

Extra Curricula clubs

The number of children participating in extra curricula sports clubs rose from 15% in 2013 to 68% in 2014! Alot of the sports funding has been used to enhance the range of sporting clubs on offer to the children at Little Hill. We now use a range of different providers as well as having some of our own members of staff to lead different lunch time and after school sporting clubs. From dance to cheer leading to girls and boys football to basketball to table tennis to adventure club to multiskills club… We have been working hard to provide more sports clubs for Foundation and Key Stage One and are still continuing to do so this this year. There has been a huge increase in the number of competitions that the school are entering, some of which are through links with the local family of schools and some of which are through the Sainsbury’s school games and Leicestershire and Rutland games. We have definitely put ourselves back on the map in terms of PE in the last year and we are beginning to enter not only A teams but also some B teams for some competitions too!

 As a school we provide all children with a rich and fun PE curriculum and we are taking part in more and more out of school sports clubs and entering lots more competitions. We now have a netball team, table tennis team, girls and boy’s football team and a basketball team and we are very proud of how far PE and Sport has come at Little Hill and we will only strive to keep getting better and better!


Please click on the link below to find the National Curriulum programme of study for PE:


Healthy Eating

 All pupils are taught the importance of exercise and being healthy through a range of different ways. As a school we provide all pupils with a creative and theme based curriculum and so Healthy Eating is covered in a range of differnt subjetcs including PE, Science and D.T.

We provide a 'Lets Get Cooking' club to all children in the school and it is one that always has a waiting list as it is such a popular club to attend! When the children take part in the club they attend with parents and are taught how to cook a range of different healthy recipes.

Last week all of the staff took part in a D.T staff training session where they were shown how to embed healthy eating and take part in cooking healthy meals in school. Lots of fun was had by all.