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Little Hill Primary School

Little Hill Primary School

Little Hill Primary School

Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team:

Headteacher (Currently on Maternity Leave): Mrs.V. Pankhania  

Acting Headteacher (Previously - Deputy Headteacher): Mrs.H. Cartledge-Splitt 

Acting Deputy Headteacher (Previously - Assistant Headteacher): Mr.S. Williams 

Assistant Headteacher:   Mrs.F. Gavagan 

Inclusion Manager: Mrs.T. Roberts 

Acting Assistant Headteacher (Previously - Middle Leader):   Miss.C. Worthington


Class Teachers:

EYFS (FAP): Miss.A. Parr

EYFS (FFG): Mrs.F. Gavagan

Year One (1HG):  Mrs.H Gray

Year One (1CT): Miss.C. Thompson

Year Two (2KC): Mrs.K. Clark

Year Two (2BP): Mr.B. Parker

Year Three (3MU/DR): Mrs.M.Upex/ Mrs.D.Robson

Year Three (3ET): Mrs.E. Tangen

Year Four (4CW): Miss.C. Worthington

Year Four (4EJ): Miss.E. Jarvis  

Year Five (5KM):  Mrs.K.Meadows

Year Five (5JP):  Miss.J. Partridge

Year Six (6RH): Miss.R. Holt   

Year Six (6SW): Mr.S. Williams


Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs):

Mrs.B. White

Mrs.K. Smith


Nursery Nurse:

Miss.J. Bruntlett


Cover Supervisors:

Mr.M. Campbell

Mrs.K. Wilkinson

Mrs.R. Hulls

Ms.M. Berrio


Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA):

Mrs.N. Richardson


Learning Support Assistants (LSAs):

Mrs.D. Griffiths

Mrs.J. Gardiner

Miss.S. Morris 

Miss.C. Rawson 

Mr C. Roche

Mrs.N. Richardson

Mrs.R. Kandola

Miss.E. Taylor

Miss.D. Lunn 

Miss.L. Vann


Mrs.L. Douglas

Mrs.L. Cooper

Mrs.R. Eagles

Mrs.L. Leach

Mrs.S. Hing 

Ms.R. Callaghan

Miss.C. Smith


Office Staff:

Business Manager and Data Protection Officer: Mrs.K. McLaren

Secretary: Mrs.E. Fairman

Clerical Assistant: Mrs.E. Warner     

Admin Support and Lead First Aider: Mrs.L. Preston 


Midday Supervisors:

Mrs.C. Paramore

Miss K. Booth

Mrs.L. Groves

Mrs.S. Hing

Miss.S. Morris 

Miss.E. Taylor

Miss.L. Vann

Mrs.H. Sharp

Miss.L. Simpson

Mrs.J. Rama


Site Team:

Premises Officer: Mr.S. Grace

Premises Assistant: Mr.R. Scott

Cleaner: Mrs.L. Radcliffe

Cleaner: Miss.S. Blythe

Cleaner: Mrs.L. Finnemore