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Little Hill Primary School

Little Hill Primary School

Little Hill Primary School

Our Curriculum Aims

At Little Hill Primary School we have created a curriculum that is coherent and creative which allows the children to see the links between the learning that they do.

We teach the children through a range of ‘Context for Learning’ themes.  Each theme covers a wide range of subjects which builds on and provides the children with a clear breadth of study as well as the ‘Key knowledge for Learning’. Teachers work hard to make the curriculum exciting, enjoyable, creative and innovative, which is designed to meet the needs of OUR PUPILS so that they achieve their very best in all areas of the curriculum.

The curriculum is also designed to develop their ‘Attitudes for Learning’ which we have developed into our core school values. We also teach them to use their ‘Skills for Learning’. Our curriculum is kept up to date and it is reviewed regularly. It is also  in line with the  National Curriculum.  We're excited about the learning we offer at Little Hill primary School.

At Little Hill Primary School, we have developed our own bespoke thematic curriculum, using the guidance from the National Curriculum.  If you wish to see the Context for Learning themes that your child is currently working on please click on the link below, to visit our Year Group page where all the maps are available on individual Year Group Pages. 


Year Groups



Our objectives are to:

  • plan, teach, assess, deliver & monitor a curriculum that reflects the expectations of the National curriculum as an entitlement for all children;
  • enable all pupils to work in an atmosphere that is exciting, stimulating and challenging in order for them to develop into independent learners.;
  • provide the children with a wide range of opportunities, resources & teaching styles to promote knowledge, skills and understanding;
  • actively promotes the 6 principles of ‘Attitudes for Learning’ so that all pupils become independent learners.
  • Enable children to gain a deep understanding ‘mastery’ of English and mathematics as early as possible. Our first priority is to build a secure foundation in these subjects as these are the basis for all other learning.

The children will be taught to collect and use information from a wide variety of sources and make sensible choices in all aspects of their learning.

Our curriculum aims to be:

  • broad, so that children are given a wide view of the world about them;
  • balanced, so that they are offered appropriate amounts of time depending on the importance of the subjects they are studying;
  • coherent, so that the children can make connections between subjects, where they overlap and interconnect;
  • differentiated, so that children of different abilities are taught areas of the curriculum at their level, and are not prevented from making progress;
  • continuous and progressive, so that children move smoothly from one stage to the next, at their pace and level of understanding.