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Little Hill Primary School

Little Hill Primary School

Little Hill Primary School

More Able Pupils

Supporting More Able Pupils

At little Hill Primary School we recognise that there will be more able pupils, these are children who show a particular skill or aptitude in one or more curriculum subject.  At Little Hill we aim to ensure that all pupils are extended and stretched to reach their full potential.  We are confident in the ability of all our teachers to have high expectations for pupils and provide a range of differentiated provision in class that offers appropriate challenges.  Our class structures allow children to sometimes work in ability groups and in other lessons work in mixed ability groups.

We define a more able child as any child who is attaining above their 'Age Related Expectations' this means they are doing better than the National Curriculum for their age dictates.  Higher attaining pupils will be predominately supported by their class teachers and given activities that allow them to gain further ‘mastery’ of their learning by applying it in different ways.

Additional Enrichment Provision for more able pupils

  • Foundation stage and Key Stage 1-  Children are predominantly supported in class through extension work, and opportunities to work at greater depth, offered by class teachers
  • Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 – Pupils will have opportunities for enrichment and extension work across the year group in flexible groupings.  Pupils may also be invited to attend curriculum enrichment events at local secondary schools.

Additional Enrichment Provision for Talented pupils

  • Additional sports coaching by PE specialist teachers (children across the school)
  • Individual music tuition from Music teachers (children across the school)
  • Additional art or  drawing clubs.

If you think your child is more able and have questions about our provision please don't hesitate to contact Thea Roberts (Inclusion Leader)