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Little Hill Primary School

Little Hill Primary School

Little Hill Primary School

Little Hill Reading Buddies

Reading buddies is a programme in our school in which a year 6 pupil is paired with a FS pupil to read together. All of our reading buddies will receive training that will include reading coaching skills and strategies along with how to keep a set of reading records.

A Reading Buddies program can help model good reading and promote an enjoyment of reading from an early age. As with any skill, reading needs to be practiced on a regular basis and with this practice as well as modelling, pupils can improve their own skills

A Reading Buddy needs to be:

  • Committed to the programme and support our youngest readers.
  • Be positive role models in order to encourage our youngest readers to want to succeed with their reading.
  • Supportive of the needs of others and support our school values of
    • More than just me (supporting others and sharing our own expertise)

    • Aiming high (improving social skills and encouraging others to improve their reading skills)

    • Thinking for myself (making own choices for which strategies to use to support readers)

    • I can do it (positive attitude towards the challenge, responsibility and opportunity)

    • Daring to be different (being the one who makes a difference to someone else’s reading)

    • How well did I do? (assessing our own skills as a reading buddy and assessing others reading.  Also making a judgement for how to improve our own reading and others reading)

Reading buddies will spend time with their reading partners listening to them read, supporting them when they find some words difficult, talking about the books that they have read and asking them questions.