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Little Hill Primary School

Little Hill Primary School

Little Hill Primary School

Home Time Arrangements

Safeguarding Pupils

As we welcome pupils back to school this autumn, can I just inform you that the welfare and safety of all pupils is of paramount importance for us.

Please ensure good supervision arrangements are in place to or from school on their own before or after school.  In addition, we only hand over pupils to named adults or older siblings provided they are 14 years old or above.  Pupils will not be handed over to other adults unless the school has been informed by the parent that they’ve made this arrangement.  We also ask that you keep us informed of any changes in arrangements /details by completing a new 'Home Time Arrangements' form.  Parents/Carers must inform the school office as a matter of urgency if they are running late.

We ask parents to complete a 'Home Time Arrangements' Form, so these arrangements are clear for all adults who see out at the end of the day.

Upper Key stage Two (Years 5-6) 

Whilst we do not recommend that children walk home from school by themselves, especially during the winter months, we do understand that some parents are happy for their children to do so particularly because they will be attending Wigston Academy in the future. As a school, we need to ensure their safety by asking those parents who would like their child to walk home to complete the 'Walking Home Consent' form.  We do not allow children in Years 4 and below leave the school unaccompanied.

Parents who would like your child to leave the classroom unaccompanied to meet them on the school premises or at a younger sibling’s classroom, need to also complete the slip below.

As parents, you are responsible for ensuring your child knows what to do in the event in any delay in your arrival.  Please note there is no supervision at the gate or outside the premises and staff will be unaware if your child has or has not been collected safely.