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Little Hill Primary School

Little Hill Primary School

Little Hill Primary School

Family Forums

At Little Hill we aim to involve parents as much as possible in the education of their children. Our Family Forums have been  very popular and they have allowed parents to have their say about the way the school supports children with a range of different needs.

"It is very beneficial to meet other parents with SEND children and listen to other's experiences."

"They are really helpful as you can talk openly about everything without the feeling of being judged."

Although the meetings are primarily aimed at parents of pupils with SEND, or additional needs, many interested parents and family members have also been involved and are of course equally welcome.

The meetings allow you to talk to other parents, staff and a range of different professionals. They enable you to find out information and share your views on how things are going. It has been great to have so many parents involved in shaping the school's SEND provision and already changes have been made to how we do things in response to your ideas.

Each forum has a particular area of focus, but there are always opportunities for parents to raise their own questions or discuss ideas in a supportive environment.

Latest Family Forum

Tuesday 4th December - Supporting pupils with anxiety

We were very pleased with the turn out  for our forum with a  focus on supporting pupils experiencing anxiety and attended by our school based counsellor, Leona Smith-Kerr and our ELSA (emotional support assistant), Nuala Richardson.  Thanks to all our parents who contributed to this meeting.  We will  keep you all informed about the progress of some of the school initiatives discussed.

Previous family forums


Thank you to  all of those parents who attended our  recent family forum  on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)  led by Ian Hall from ADHD solutions  this yearLook out for future parent workshops from ADHD solutions as part of our commitment to gaining the ADHD Kitemark accreditation.

'Dyslexia Friendly' practice

Thank you to all of those parents who attended our family Forum  on 'Dyslexia Friendly Practice'  this year. We have come away with some positive ideas and have developed our school offer for dyslexia and this will now be shared widely with parents and staff.

 'Autism Friendly' practice

This was a great  success. You can view the guidelines we created together on the link below.

Look out for events happening in school during Autism Awareness Week in March/April  2019

'Emotionally Friendly' schools.

Please go to the Mental Health and Wellbeing section of the website to find out about this successful event.

Look out for events happening in 'Child Mental Health Week' in February 2019

'Communication Friendly' schools 

This Forum was all about developing a 'Communication Friendly' school and looked  at all aspects of language and communication needs with parents, staff and relevant professionals.  

Information and Support

Please find below some of the leaflets and advice that have been shared at previous forums and events in school.