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Little Hill Primary School

Little Hill Primary School

Little Hill Primary School

Homework Questionnaire for Parents and Carers

Little Hill recognises and values the family's central role in the education process, school and home to work together. We wish to be recognised as a school that always encourages partnership in order to support children's learning. The school also recognises that children work incredibly hard during the day and then often go to take part in after school and evening activities they need time to relax and need time to talk to their families. Children need time to 'be children' and therefore, homework should be a shared and enjoyable activity done whenever possible or should be the basics that will be vital to a child's education e.g. reading, spellings and timestables. We know from previous questionnaires that you value homework but what type would you prefer and when would suit you and your family's lifestyle? By completing this questionnaire, you are helping to set the new homework policy for each key stage.

Please read the following statements and tick the answer which best fits what you think about homework. Please only tick one box per statement. If you cannot answer leave it blank.

Which key stage group is your child in?*
Do you think the amount of home work given by the school each week is...*
Are you able to support your child at home with home work?*

Homework often focuses on English, Maths and sometimes other areas of the curriculum.

Which parts of English homework do you think helps your child learning the most?*
Which parts of English homework do you think can help you at home the most?*
Which parts of Maths homework do you think helps your child learning the most?*
Which parts of Maths homework do you think you can help at home with the most?*
Do you like to receive Context for Learning (topic) homework where there is a grid of choice?*
Do you think the Context for Learning (topic) homework is educationally valuable?*
Overall, do you support homework being given out on a Friday?*
If no, would you prefer to have homework in the week only so that it does not go over the weekend?*
Which of the following statements do you agree with? Tick all the relevant boxes.*
Is the homework set clear enough? Do you feel you receive enough information on the homework from school in order to be able to help*
If no, is it the type of style that makes it unclear?*
Would you welcome and use any of the following, if available? Tick all the relevant boxes*

Thank you for your time, it is greatly appreciated & please can you complete this form by the 12th of June.

Kind regards, Mrs H Cartledge-Splitt (Deputy Headteacher)

Please type the letters and numbers displayed in the image into the textbox below to verify you wish to send this response. If you have difficulties reading the letters in the image below you can try a different image by clicking on it.

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